Voice and Performance Coach


“With Marcia’s guidance, I’ve realized the full pitch range of my voice.  I didn’t know I could sing like that!”


Marcia’s approach to great, authentic singing is holistic and body-based. Singers learn practice habits that accelerate progress, and become familiar with the keyboard or other instrument to support musical understanding and accurate intonation.  In-studio performance opportunities for fellow students and invited guests provide a supportive, motivating environment to practice performance skills. Voice students learn:


  • the physiology of singing
  • vocal ‘placement’ and tone
  • music theory and ear training
  • music literacy appropriate to students’ goals
  • simple recording as a learning tool
  • varied approaches to style and phrasing appropriate to repertoire

“Marcia tailors my lessons to help me reach my goals.  Her knowledge, patience and encouragement have made it possible for me to really sing out!”



Every performer can improve!

“I’ve worked with Marcia on audition preparation, performance coaching, ear training and music theory. She helps me find fresh approaches to my repertoire. I recommend her to any singer!”


Marcia identifies a performer’s strengths and how to build on them.  With respect and compassion she works with the performer to identify areas for growth.  Students clarify specific goals, choose measurable benchmarks, and receive big doses of inspiration and motivation. They develop gentle self-critique practices for immediate improvement, regardless of their current skill level and experience.  Marcia offers an inventive, out-of-the-box coaching style, and uses simple recording to support learning.

“When Marcia started coaching us we saw immediate improvement.  She prepares specific ideas for us to try. With Marcia’s help we’re having more fun AND making better music.”

“My singing and playing have improved dramatically in just a few sessions.”



Take three initial lessons for the price of two.  Identify a measurable goal or two. At the third lesson, assess your progress and identify next steps.



Making a Difference

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