Monteverde Friend School

Monteverde Friend’s School, Monteverde region, Costa Rica

This coming January I’ll be in residence teaching and generally instigating musical joy at Monteverde Friends School, in the beautiful cloud forest region of Costa Rica.  Last year I began a satisfying relationship with the school and the larger Quaker community there. I’m look forward to building on last years’ success.

My school students will range in age from four to eighteen.  I’ll also offer musical opportunities to adults: an inter-generational community chorus?  A ukulele orchestra? Private or semi-private guitar lessons, who knows? I will certainly miss my Rhode Island community, but rest assured, I’ll be back!

To my current and prospective Rhode Island music students

These next several weeks could be an opportunity to work with me in a guided ‘Learning Intensive’. I’d love to support you in focusing on a chosen musical goal that fits with your calendar and your budget.  Learning rarely moves along predictably in a straight line; this fall, why not jump start your next learning phase?  By all means be in touch, and together let’s make something musical happen!




Making a Difference

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