Guitar & Ukelele

“She combines an infectious joy in making music with a solid knowledge of progressive skill building.”


Marcia is experienced, knowledgeable, and perceptive; her lessons are tailored to the students’ goals and experience.  Students are put at their ease with teaching that blends spontaneity and skills-based instruction. In-studio performance opportunities for fellow students and invited guests provide a supportive, motivating environment to practice performance skills.  Students can expect to learn:


  • optimal hand positions and instrument-holding for playing ease
  • rapid-progress practice habits
  • a varied repertoire
  • playing by ear and functional music theory
  • musical literacy appropriate to goals and instrument
  • simple recording as a learning tool

“Marcia really ‘upped’ my rhythm guitar game!  She has a great sensitivity for musical choices that inspire.  I now add chromatic bass runs and blues licks to my accompaniments without losing my timing.  And her lessons are fun!”



Take three initial lessons for the price of two.  Identify a measurable goal or two. At the third lesson, assess your progress and identify next steps.



Making a Difference

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