All Ages

Marcia loves working with all ages:  children, youth and adults! She has a unique approach with each student.  “If it’s not fun,” she says, “why do it?”


“What a joy it is for us to hear our daughter practice her ukulele and guitar!  Marcia conveys such passion for music, grounded in solid technique and invaluable skill building.  Her lessons are a lifelong gift to the student.”


Marcia encourages young learners of all levels, offering quick-paced and engaging lessons that blend spontaneity and skills-based instruction.  Students participate in choosing their own repertoire, and learn how to make practicing fun. Young learners can expect to learn:


  • optimal hand positions and instrument-holding for playing ease
  • to internalize beat and rhythm using hand drums and movement
  • a varied repertoire and rapid-progress practice habits
  • to read music, appropriate to age and chosen instrument
  • to play by ear

“I work with children and I’ve seen Marcia work with children.  If I had a child interested in learning music, I would without reservation recommend her.”

-pediatrician and adult guitar student

Youth & Adults

“A good teacher meets you where you are, and guides you to where you want to go. The right teacher for you works with your budget, your time frame and your goals.”


Our lives are busy!  Marcia’s students get right to the heart of what they want to learn.  They learn how to make the most of their practice time–and their ‘play’ time – to progress swiftly to the next level.   Whether you’re already a skilled instrumentalist, or dream of taking your song out of the shower and onto the stage, bring along your ‘beginners mind’ and get ready for some serious fun! Adult & young adult students can expect:


  • an out-of-the-box approach to learning and teaching
  • to connect new skills with experience and knowledge they have right now
  • guidance towards new tools and resources
  • to be put at ease with teaching that blends spontaneity and skills-based instruction
  • to play by ear

“Becoming a musician can be a life-long journey, and goals change over time.  I am honored to have students who’ve worked with me for years.”

– M. Taylor



Take three initial lessons for the price of two.  Identify a measurable goal or two. At the third lesson, assess your progress and identify next steps.



Making a Difference

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